Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hajj and Umrah Journey importance

 Hajj Umrah deals are available on a number of websites who are offering online booking of cheapest Umrah packages. By adopting any of these packages, you are enabled to get easy approach to the Umrah tickets for UK and Umrah flights and Hotels as well. 

Praise be to Allah who made the Hajj to His Sacred House an obligation on every cable Muslim, and made the accepted Hajj an expiration for sins and violatins. And blessings and peace be upon His chosen Prophet, the most excellent of those who has performed Tawaf and sa'i and the most noble of those who has praised Allah and supplicated, and upon his family, his companions and all those who have followed his pattern and example.

Hajj to Bayt Allah, and Umrah are the holiest acts known as the Pilgrimage. These beautiful acts of worship,  sacraments that indicates the complete submission to, Almighty Allah. Performing these acts of piousness became more easy now by Umrah tickets. All the corners of Holy voyage are protected  by these Umrah packages.    

I welcome you, noble pilgrim, in this secure city and I ask Allah to enable you to complete the rites of Hajj and Umrah in the way pleasing to Him, done purely for His acceptance and correctly according to the Sunnah of His Prophet. May He accept it and place it in the balance of your good deeds. As there is for every group a leader and for every journey a guide, the leader  of the Hajj group is Prophet Muhammad  and their guide is his example and Sunnah, for he has said, "Take from me your rites of Hajj." therefore, it is incumbent on everyone who approaches the House of Allah for Hajj or Umrah to learn the way it was performed by the Prophet.

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